Monday, January 30, 2012

Six Hundred Eighteen Through Six Hundred Twenty Eight

Just a quick list this week. We're keeping up a busy pace that can't last much longer. We're going to have to find the brake pedal sometime over the next month I think. I am 28 weeks along and have entered the awkward stage, otherwise known as the third trimester. So far so good. Other than being incredibly tired, I seem to be holding up rather well. There are a few more house projects that need to be tackled before I'm out of commission so hopefully fewer calendar commitments (especially in the evenings) will help to make that happen.

618. watching my kids (and all the others) sing in the choir at church

619. the way Daniel rings his bell choir bell so enthusiastically

620. Brenna's 76 year old Sunday School teacher who loves teaching the kids and is so thoughtful

621. goats in the church driveway - now that will make you smile!

622. having Brenna's best buddy spend the night - and being able to throw an extra mattress on the floor for her to sleep on

623. hanging out with the just Brenna and Daniel for the evening and seeing the more grown up versions of them

624. cherry delight

625. making my brother laugh

626. successfully cutting Brenna's hair at home and saving $25.

627. that writing a letter to a hormone seems to have worked, at least for now

628. the baptismal opened and prepared, for one. Such a wonderful good thing.

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MomBrose said...

Can you write a letter to my allergies? They haven't been listening lately :)