Monday, January 23, 2012

Six Hundred Two Through Six Hundred Seventeen

I learned a new word today. A Greek word at that! Chairein. It's a greeting and it's pronounced "chi rain". It means "Joy To You". I wish I could make it sound normal to just drop a Greek greeting into regular life. You know, show up at a friend's house and instead of saying 'Hey! How are you guys?' say "Chairein!". Somehow I don't think I can quite pull that off. It would also be a great blog name... if I didn't already have one.

So Joy To You this week! Maybe it be a week full of God's graces in your life, and may you stop and be verbally thankful to Him who delights in dropping every single one directly in your path!

602. breaks in the school calendar

603. good talks with good friends

604. surprising the kids with a movie night with friends in the middle of the week

605. hip improvement

606. three girls singing 'How Great Thou Art' in my backseat

607. less than twenty boxes left to unpack

608. sinking into a new Beth Moore study

609. talking to Michael about what I've learned in my study

610. seeing signs that we've turned the corner in potty training (please don't let that jinx us!)

611. the grown up, independent side of Daniel

612. toasted whole grain, homemade bread

613. easy dinners

614. a husband who cares so much about me and is so willing to pick up my slack.

615. finally digging back into some of my creative outlets that were boxed for so long (crochet!)

616. Carrie's delight in dresses, bracelets, hair bows, and nail polish.

617. new friends

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