Thursday, January 19, 2012

Letter To A Hormone (I'm Clearly Losing My Mind)

 "What are the three toughest things about being a woman? 
         Number one, hormones. Number two, hormones. Number three, hormones." Esther video, by Beth Moore

Dear Relaxin,

I just want you to know that this is our last go around. We will not meet again. Perhaps you already figured that out. You're coming on entirely too strong. Or at least way too early.

I should not be 34 feeling like I'm 67 with a hip replacement in the near future. Or two hip replacements. Because I can't tell which hip you're trying harder to take out. If you get much stronger my legs are going to detach completely. And while dangling legs is funny to write, I need them in place so I can, I don't know, WALK!

I know it's your job to make sure the joints and ligaments all relax in time for the birth. But that's just the point - in time for the birth. That means you have plenty of time ahead, say thirteen weeks or so. Plenty of time. There's no good reason for my hips to be giving out now. You could certainly do your 'relaxin' over the last few weeks. Heck, this body already knows what to do. Quite well, in fact. I would think you could do your thing in the last few days without a hitch. And don't think I'm not aware of the other places you're working your "magic". I know exactly what you're up to and I'm watching every move.

So let's lay off for a while, eh? Give the old girl a break. I've got to carry this growing baby around for a while longer and it sure would be easier if my hips held weight.


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