Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I was working my way through a box of stationery and office supplies when I stumbled upon a stack of colored index cards. One side of each has a name and an address. The other side holds a piece of advice. They were written during the bridal shower that was held for me in Ohio, with my family and many of our church friends who knew me before we moved to Virginia.

March marks our thirteenth wedding anniversary. Funny how those years just start piling up. Slowly at first and then faster and faster. There's truly no better way to do life than to do it together.

Here are a few things folks thought I needed to keep in mind way back in 1999.

-"Don't burn yourself when cooking."

-"Always show your love and kindness for each other."

-"Have fun. Be happy."

-"Always have Michael help  with the housework."

-"A family that prays together stays together."

-"Love him the most when he deserves it the least."

-"Argue only about the big things. But not for long."

-"Don't ever get a divorce or dissolution."

-"Keep a song in your hearts."

-"Don't burn his food."

-"Always be truthful and faithful to each other."


-"Make sure Michael puts down the toilet seat."

-"Do all you can together and stay as happy as you are now."

-"Always talk everything out and don't go to bed angry."

On the other side I saw the names of women who have passed away since then. Women who have been through very difficult times and even divorce. Young cousins who are now grown and married too. Grandmas and aunts. Ladies I know I'm related to, but I couldn't tell you exactly how. Each name bringing memories and smiles from years gone by.

Despite my initial urge to toss these out - the addresses are old and the connections to so many are barely there anymore if at all - I think I'll tuck this little pile away somewhere. Perhaps to rediscover another decade down the road. Or maybe to pass along to my own daughters someday.

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Scrapbooking UnGlued said...

This made me smile and reminisce a little! I remember that day - mainly when they had you dress up as an old school teacher carrying a bunch of items on a platter I think! Wow, I was only 10 or 11 then. Somehow I think "Don't burn the food" or "Don't burn yourself while cooking" was my index card! I'm hoping it wasn't the toilet seat card :-P It's amazing how fast time goes by and life changes.