Friday, September 11, 2009

Dinner Plans

Life moves in three hour cycles right now. The mantra is "Feed, Wake, Sleep. Repeat" After the first two most miserable nights with Carrie at home, she now follows this pattern fairly predictably. Even after midnight. I know better than to get too confident - any night could turn crazy in the blink of an eye. But generally speaking, she follows the 'baby rules'.

(I wish I could sleep that much. Yesterday I took two naps. It wasn't enough.)

One of the biggest blessings - next to the diapers of course - has been the meals from our friends and family. Seriously, by the time it gets to be 5 o'clock, I'm thinking peanut butter and jelly or spaghetti. Whatever's easy and quick. I normally plan meals weekly and enjoy trying new recipes, but right now I can't even remember the last time Michael went to the grocery store...let alone what we have in the pantry or what we could make for dinner tomorrow night.

We've had meals from eight different people so far and another one scheduled for next Monday. We've had spaghetti casserole, lasagnas, ziti, chicken casserole, pork tenderloin, poppy seed chicken, and even BLT salads from Firebirds. It's been wonderful. I know it's not easy to fix a meal for your own family and get one together for someone else's too. We totally appreciate the sacrifice!!

It's also wonderful to have such minimal clean up, as well. Usually by the time I feed Carrie, get her back to sleep, chat with the person dropping off the meal, and eat's just about time to feed Carrie again. That three hour cycle goes quick. So it's nice to toss aluminum baking dishes in the trash instead of scrubbing out glass ones.

And speaking of that three hour cycle.... it's time to go feed the baby....


MomBrose said...

OH I remember that cycle all too well! :) I remember being SO excited when the girls could stay awake to take in a full feeding in 15 minutes so that it didn't take 45 minutes for ONE feeding. :)
Praying you find rest soon.
Lots of love,

Tara M said...

BLT Salads from Firebirds- My FAVORITE!!! Glad to know you got one of those up there in good ole VA! Love ya :)