Monday, September 07, 2009


This entire stack came from one of the other guy teachers at Michael's school... with the words, "We pros gotta stick together!"

How do you even write a thank you note for such an overwhelming blessing? 'Thank You' is so inadequate! There really aren't words to express the gratitude or amazement. It truly leaves me speechless.

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Tara M said...

Hey Julie!! I've been thinking about and wanting to send some love your way for your newest addition to the family, but wanted to ask you... what do you really NEED?? I have ideas but would love it to be useful and practical. Of course if I was there I could be much more useful like bringing a meal, but I'm sure there are other ways. I will tell you I've been able to help my good friend Chele a bit with the birth of premie twins last month- whoa! what a job!! Anyway, if you think of anything send my way- in the middle of feeding of course unless you've mastered typing and nursing :) I admit I have done that :) LOVE ALL YALL!!!
The Millard Clan