Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Why I'm Optimistic

The game plan for this school year was "no expectations". I figured if I could keep the expectations low enough, they were sure to be exceeded.

Guess what. It's working.

Nine Reasons I'm Now Optimistic About The First Grade

1. Brenna's in a differentiated, cluster class .... with other nutty kids just like her. :)

2. The homework given over the Labor Day Weekend was an All About Me poster that required lots of creative writing.

3. The letters from the teacher to the parents are funny.

4. The students are reading chapter books in class.

5. There's a student teacher in the room through October, allowing the teacher more time to evaluate the students.

6. The teacher plans to offer optional family field trips on Saturdays to help enrich the curriculum.

7. Brenna was so excited to go back to school today that she couldn't eat her breakfast.

8. She's already made new friends.

9. Her teacher sends an email every day with a quick synopsis of what they did in class.

It may be only the first week of school, but I'm cautiously optimistic already. With last year behind us, I think we're in for some true learning and maybe even a challenge or two. I'm so thankful this transition is going well for Brenna. She's had a lot of adjustments over the last few months!

Bring on the First Grade!


Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord ! Sounds like Brenna is right where she needs to be.

I pray for Brenna every day. :)

Have a great school year !

MomBrose said...

Yay! GIANT sigh of relief! :) I'm afraid we are having a year like yours last year :( But last year was great for us. It's the ebb and flow I guess. :)

The Three Amigos said...

You should be optimistic with that teacher. She sounds AMAZING!