Monday, August 20, 2012

Eight Hundred Fifteen Through Eight Hundred Thirty Seven

I forgot to publish the list I made last week so this one is a double.

815. ice cube wars after dinner

816. blanket forts that take over the living room and stretch into the hall and the kitchen

817. putting things up on the walls

818. finishing two quilts

819. redesigning the laundry room

820. watching Brenna on stage

821. Daniel and Brenna playing together and camping out in each other's rooms

822. visiting with family we don't see often

823. Michael on the news

824. new shelves

825. an organized pantry

826. canning jars and a book of ideas

827. Carrie's evil eye

828. nap time

829. my job

830. when the traffic jam is on the other side of the interstate

831. homemade popsicles and cookies and lemonade and bread and jam

832. strawberry pie - because Carrie asked for it

833. my Sunday School class

834. our new nursery attendant who just loves Ben

835. video of my nephew, Caleb, walking

836. playing wii tetris with Michael

837. when one coat of paint is good enough (a rarity)

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