Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Bible Study

I'm back in business! Bible study business anyway. Oh the high that follows a great evening of Bible study! Seven ladies and not one of them had ever done a Beth Moore study before. Shocking, I know. But don't worry, I fixed it.

This study has been in the works for about eight months now. Our pastor and adult ministries director were totally on board from the moment I first asked to do this. During the summer I wrestled over which study to do. I had it narrowed down to three, but in the end we went what was available to us to borrow from another church. So we are studying the fruit of the spirit in Living Beyond Yourself.

We've advertised and done sign ups for the past two weeks on Sunday morning. At first I had a couple of partial commitments. Then two absolutely 'yes' and a whole bunch more 'I'd like to, but I don't know if I can be there every week's. The church purchased 10 workbooks for the ladies to buy and all the sudden I was afraid they'd have to send them all back. I have 13 names on my sign up sheet, but I wasn't sure anyone would come at all.

In fact, last night the elders and the worship committee had scheduled meetings that overlapped Bible study time. Early in the day I got word that the worship committee meeting had been postponed and around 6 the elders meeting was cancelled. Small bits of hope, but would anyone come? At 10 till seven the house was clean, chairs were set up in the living room, and the kids were ready to head upstairs. Just then I saw a car slow down in front of our house. And then another and another. By seven o'clock sharp we were a full group ready to go. I couldn't believe it. I have never led a Bible study where everyone was on time!

Right away we were running over the schedule, passing out books and introducing ourselves. Beth got laughter and chuckles within minutes of the play button press and I relaxed. All would be just fine. The group immediately clicked and they participated fully in all she asked of them. We are going to have a great semester of Bible study.

We let out a little early this week since we didn't have any homework to discuss. I can't wait to gather again. I already love this group of women!

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Ginger said...

Hi friend! I wish we lived closer! I'd totally join you. All Summer I contemplated ordering this book and doing it by myself. Still haven't and our little church's Bible Study doesn't work with our kids activities schedule. I hope you're blessed and encouraged. I've heard such great things about that study. Have a great year!