Sunday, August 12, 2012

Nan's Pjs

A few years ago Michael's grandma passed away. She almost made it to 100, but her last months were a real struggle as her body began to fail. She moved in with Michael's aunt and uncle, but it was his two cousins who did much of the day to day care. We live too far away to have helped out or visited much. The burden really fell on their families.

When the last of Nan's things were being given away, there was a small pile of nightgowns and robes left. No one really wanted them so I took them home with the idea that I'd make a quilt out of them. It took several years of work, a long stint in storage, and some fast paced binding to get them finished, but I finally cut the last string on Wednesday night. I made two wonky patchwork lap quilts. I learned a lot and made of lot of mistakes on them, but I think Nan would see that as a good thing.

I decided to give the quilts to Michael's cousins, Traci and Leslie, as thanks for all they did to take care of Nan in her last days. Thursday I got to take the quilts down to them and it's my hope that the blankets will bring back lots of good memories of their grandma.

reading the card

pulling out the quilts

teary eyes

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The Three Amigos said...

Micheal's grandmother was an amazing lady! I only met her once but her spirit and love for life was SO clear! I'm so glad you honored her memory and the hard work Micheal's cousin's put in. That was so sweet Julie!