Monday, July 09, 2012

Seven Hundred Fifty Two Through Seven Hundred Sixty Seven

Making an effort to get back to the blog, especially the 1000 gifts. We are slowly emerging from the newborn tunnel and it's ever so important to be looking for those treasures.

752. Ben's smiles

753. how Daniel and Brenna get to giggling over things Ben does

754. blueberry muffins

755. lower temperatures

756. my parent's house - and all the bedrooms for when we lose power!

757. mom's macaroni salad

758. heating pad

759. finding clothes to buy that fit

760. Carrie's haircut

761. that I was on the exit ramp of I-95 when my car started to overheat; and close to a gas station

762. homemade icecream

763. watching Daniel ride a 4 wheeler

764. making progress on the house

765. Ben's rock n play

766. fireworks

767. watermelon smoothies

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