Tuesday, February 07, 2012

The Sweetest Words

At 6:45am I became aware that the bathroom light was on. Realizing this meant morning had arrived I got up and began digging through the thickness of my brain hoping to find an idea for breakfast. I don't think my eyes were open yet.

We have learned to streamline the morning routine as much as possible. Our kids set out their clothes the night before - downstairs, so they aren't tempted to go back to bed. We make their lunches before bed and put them in the fridge overnight. When they come down in the mornings, they get dressed, eat, grab a lunch and they're ready to go.

The one thing I can't do ahead of time, though, is make breakfast. So most mornings I slip downstairs while they are dressing, get breakfast for them and give hugs before sneaking back up the steps to rest until Carrie wakes.

Standing by the door this morning, glasses on but eyes still closed, I heard the sweetest words. Michael was standing somewhere near me and he said, "Go back to bed. You look awful."

I think even the angels rejoiced.

I'm not sick. Just pregnant with weird dreams that get so real I can't tell which storyline is my real life. Last night I was taking Brenna - at her current age - to check out JMU. Really, college? There was much more to it and several other dreams as well.  Emotionally exhausting and when it's time to get up, I feel like I've barely slept! Just another one of those quirky effects of pregnancy.

This morning I was so thankful to be sent back to bed. Michael took care of breakfast and I never heard another word. Who would have ever thought being told you look awful would bring such relief?!

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MomBrose said...

Aw! That's so sweet :) We do a lot of the same things in the morning to make it easier and I'm not even pregnant. I'm just not a morning person :)