Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Visit From Santa On A Fire Truck!

In our new county, Santa visits every neighborhood on a fire truck during the weeks before Christmas. Tonight was our night! We heard the sirens for nearly an hour before he got to our street. The kids were so excited and pumped with anticipation. It was great. All the neighbors from our cul de sac gathered near our driveway and stop sign to watch and wave at Santa. This year it was a relatively warm night, with a strong breeze blowing, so we were all comfortable with light jackets. They said most years it's freezing cold.

Carrie was great about holding my hand on the road, but she wanted to cover her ears so badly. She yelled her little head off for Santa Claus and then kept saying "Bye Santa!" until his truck reached the main road. Daniel and Brenna could hardly stand still and wave for all the jumping they were doing.

Definitely a fun tradition!!

Carrie covering her ears while we waited. We could hear the sirens, but this was probably 45 minutes before they got to our street.

Carrie, Daniel, and Brenna waiting for Santa

Here he comes!!

Carrie - trying to watch, wave, and cover her eyes/ears all at the same time

Santa on the fire truck!

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Anonymous said...

LOL This is so precious !

New Waterford is a small village within Crestview School District. I was invited to ride in their Christmas parade. I rode in a fire truck with Santa !!! Rhianna told me later... "I saw you with Santa, Suz. I waved to Santa and I waved to you." :)

Christmas traditions are treasures built within our hearts.