Saturday, December 24, 2011

Dear Santa - Why Do You....?

We had a tiny bit of a wild ride getting everybody settled between the time we got home from Michael's dad and step-mom's and the time Michael had to leave for the Christmas Eve Service at church. Two hours seemed like plenty of time, but dinner, clean up, pjs (which I insisted must match top to bottom tonight) potty breaks (Carrie has like 14 one right after the other at night), breakfast prep, gift locating (because we're such good hiders), final instructions for tomorrow morning (as in do not go all the way downstairs. Do not wake Mom and Dad before 7. Do not get dressed - we're taking a pj picture.) and tracking Santa via NORAD (complete with geography and culture lessons) .... well two hours stretched a tad thin.

So while much was happening all around her, Brenna took it upon herself to set out cookies, carrots and milk for Santa. And then she wrote this Santa note.

Dear Santa,
Why do you deliver toys on Christmas? On Super Why it says because it makes the children happy. I don't get it. Write your answer here.


I have no idea of what I want. I like to give. I don't like to be greedy. It gets mean. Daniel - I don't know what he wants. The carrots are for Rudolf and his friends. They will need the sharper eyesight.
I can't wait for tomorrow - more today, tomorrow when I wrote this note.
Love the 
Peapod family
P.S. Enjoy the birth of Jesus!

Well, now. What to do with that? Especially since a few minutes later she asked me why Santa and the Tooth Fairy leave notes that have handwriting that looks just like Daddy's.

For the record, I told her that maybe they went to the school where daddy works and he taught them handwriting. ??? Well! That's what I came up with on the spot.

But the Santa letter? I sent that with Michael to church with the following instructions:
Please find someone to answer this letter. It can't be in your handwriting. Good Luck.

I do feel a tad sorry for whoever he asks.....

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MomBrose said...

Your post could have been written by me. Well, mostly. I don't have a child potty training, but a lot is the same. We loved tracking Santa on Norad. Reagan wrote a note and left carrots for the reindeer. Somehow, though, we forgot to mention the 7am part. So, we were up at 6 and opening gifts by 6:30. Yawn. Merry Christmas :)