Monday, December 26, 2011

Five Hundred Fifty Through Five Hundred Sixty Six

Christmas for our family is an incredibly exciting, but very long, three day event. I love that it's not all over all at once. I also appreciate that each celebration has its own character and unique expectations. But darn if I'm not tired tonight. There's also that minor bit about me being twenty some weeks pregnant. I suppose we could blame the baby just a little. Tonight, though, I will be quite happy to lay down and go to sleep. I do believe I've given all I have to give.

Perhaps baby agrees - I'm getting kicked as I type.

It seems ages since last Monday. I still hope to reach a point where I am seeing the small things in each day and giving thanks right then. It makes this exercise so much more meaningful, as it was this past summer. For now, I've got to give myself a little pass and be ok with listing what I can remember.

550. going to church on Christmas day, Lessons and Carols

551. spending time with family
Daniel with Uncle Robert

Brenna and Daniel with their cousin Emma

552. my two hour nap on Christmas day

553. snickerdoodles

554. surprising Michael

Hello K-cups!
555. ordering Chinese

556. having projects to do at work

557. just plain living in this county

558. getting my hair cut - 8 inches off to donate to Pantene - beautiful lengths

559. my Ohio shaped cookie cutter

560. new glasses

561. windows of hope with Carrie's potty training

562. making it through all three days of Christmas, even if I did use Coke to prop me up

563. laughing till we cry

564. a place to call home

565. meeting my neighbors - so far everyone is so nice!

566. Carrie's hilarious monkey backpack

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Anonymous said...

Jeff and I knew the monkey backpack would be a hit. We got it at Cracker Barrel. They have the most unique items there. Now Carrie has her own backpack... just like her big sister and brother. :)