Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Light Bulb Vase

Some of the best gifts to give are those that make the recipient laugh, right? I don't often run across one like that, but I did this year. Our sales manager at work is a self proclaimed 'Light Bulb Nazi'. If one goes out, anywhere on the property, she insists it be changed right away. In fact we often wonder if she has some kind of app on her phone that notifies her when a light bulb burns out.

Over the last year it's become somewhat of a joke. While it's nice to get out of the office and go for a walk among the buildings, it's also a challenge to guess which types of bulbs you'll need and how many of each. And of course if you don't have what you need, you have to come back and get it. Amy is fully aware of her light bulb issue and has begun to poke fun at herself as well. Obviously, though, the models show better if the lights are working.

I am currently on light bulb hiatis, being pregnant and all. It's hard enough to change the track lighting in the middle of a condo kitchen when you have good balance....trying to do it with a big belly would just be asking for a fall. Same for climbing on the counters in the bathrooms to get the ones above the sinks. So I'm off the hook for another six months.

Light bulbs in my world = Amy so when I saw this idea I knew I had to make one for her if at all possible. It's one of those gifts that makes a person laugh.

A light bulb vase. It's able to sit on a desk because it's mounted on a napkin ring. I bought the glitziest napkin ring I could find. Opened the top of the light bulb and broke out all the glass. Then cleaned it and filled it with water. Initially it had this poinsettia in it, but that was really too big. I settled on a red carnation. It was cute. It was cheap. And it got a laugh. Just what I was after.



MomBrose said...

That's great! :) Just switch to LED's or CFL's. Then they only have to get changed every five years or so :)

Anonymous said...

I am missing something here... what do you mean you broke out the glass of the light bulb? In the photo, it shows a glass light bulb.