Monday, December 19, 2011

Five Hundred Forty One Through Five Hundred Forty Nine

It's five minutes til eleven and I'm sitting here trying to decide whether to put up a post tonight or try to fit it in tomorrow. The camera - with camera card - is downstairs and I'm certainly not going back down to get it. But I did get a two hour nap today and could probably stay up a little longer.

I guess let's keep the thousand gifts on Mondays and make a list. Even if it does lack pictures. Again.

541. good friends who make the yearly Christmas party both a priority and a lot of fun

542. citrus fruit

543. Adorable kids Christmas shows at church

544. making new friends

545. Christmas sugar cookies

546. sleep

547. good friends for my kids - love this one

548. signs of hope that Carrie might actually potty train

549. giving a great gift that's just perfectly funny

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