Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ready For A Trip To The Bank

I am so full of giddiness right now that I can't help but write. I like to give, but I've had to learn a bit about receiving. About accepting what another wants to joyfully do for me. It's hard not to keep score and make sure I repay or give back at a later time. Fair and equal aren't always the point. Joy and gratitude sometimes significantly outweigh them. And rightly so.

I just got a phone call from Michael who is at home with the kids today. An envelope came in the mail. (See I can't even type that much without tearing up!) Inside the envelope sat a check from a very precious friend of mine who wanted to help me pay for my mixer! As if that weren't enough, what she doesn't yet know, is that she just paid it off. In full. Every penny. After the bread I sold this week, I was short exactly the amount she sent. 

I almost can't breathe. 

Now Michael gets to take my jar o' money right on down to the bank and replace what I 'borrowed' from the savings account to pay for the new mixer a few weeks ago!

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