Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Five Hundred Fourteen Through Five Hundred Twenty Seven

Last night my computer mistook itself for a three toed sloth.

It's feeling somewhat better today.

514. baking bread in our new kitchen

515. using my new mixer

516. surprises in the mail

517. celebrating a friend's new home at her open house

518. splitting up in Target, me with just Daniel and making him laugh

519. whoever invented those door knob covers - for now we can sleep

520. teacher conferences, good things to hear and constructive things to work on

521. singing Blessed Be The Name Of The Lord at church

522. ice and water in the refrigerator door

523. pilgrims and indians at the kindergarten Thanksgiving Day feast

524. getting a few minutes to catch up with Laurie

525. finishing little bits of organization, like bathroom cabinets and the space above the washer/dryer

526. for all the nights that Michael is home to help with putting kids to bed

527. seeing a license plate on the interstate that reminded me of my uncle Randy

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