Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Bus!

These pictures speak volumes about life in our new house. The kids rode the bus home from school today for the first time. Daniel had never ridden a bus before and Brenna hasn't ridden the bus since the last day of Kindergarten.

Here they come!

Do you think he liked the bus?!

Even Brenna came off running and smiling

This county certainly gets it right. Not only did the bus stop at every crossroads and cul-de-sac to let kids off (as opposed to one bus stop for the whole area), but I did not have to show my drivers license to pick up my kids. I don't even have to be outside! The kids get off right at our house.

I think riding the bus will help our afternoon routines as well. If I can stay awake, that is. Brenna has been doing homework and Daniel's already done. This might just alleviate our over packed, impatient evenings.

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Mary Ann said...

Julie, This brought back lots of fond memories, as I sat on the front steps waiting for Michael & Robert to be dropped off in front of our home!!!

Perhaps on some Fridays I can enjoy the same pleasure watching Brenna & Daniel arriving home.

Thanks for the fabulous Peapod Open House.