Monday, September 12, 2011

Four Hundred Nineteen Through Four Hundred Thirty

 I am thankful for the routine of school, but I do miss having everyone around. It gets awfully quiet in the house here during the day. Especially when Carrie is looking for trouble. Evenings happen quick since the alarm goes off so early. We aim for 7:30 every night. The back to school routine keeps the days marching on.

We are almost completely settled in our temporary Peapod. We got the last load taken to the storage unit on Sunday so now it's just a matter of arranging the things we've kept with us within the space we have. Little by little we're getting there. Earthquakes, hurricanes, power outages -- hopefully they are all in the past. (Although I still keep a flashlight right beside my bed, just in case.) We are especially thankful not to be panic-cleaning for showings all the time anymore. It's really nice to just relax and go house hunting!

Counting my many blessings...onward to 1000

419. that mom was home and able/willing to help when Daniel got sick all over the bedroom floor.

420. running water

421. bread that's getting less and less crumbly - I'm getting better at it!

422. settling into a predictable routine

423. Carrie's vocabulary - "holy moly guacamole!"

424. that my friend Suzanne was not seriously hurt during a bad car accident

425. homemade whole grain pasta for dinner - with homemade spaghetti sauce

426. relatives who live far away (Texas, Washington, New Jersey) and come to visit - even riding a hotel elevator over and over with the kids

427. this face

428. sending these three off to school every day and getting lots of one on one time with Carrie

429. fresh fruit

430. Daniel's first baseball game

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