Tuesday, September 06, 2011

First Day Of School - 2011

Third Grade and Kindergarten. Two out, one at home. I'm going to like this.

Pancake breakfast, prepared by Papa
We are currently being drenched by the remains of hurricane/tropical storm/depression Lee, so in addition to being very early and very dark, it was also very rainy. We took pictures at the edge of the garage so everyone could stay dry.

Brenna - first day of 3rd grade

Daniel - First day of Kindergarten
All three just before they left

This was my favorite picture of the morning
Michael had a meeting after school, so I picked the kids up today. We went to Chick Fil A for milkshakes, but once we were in the drive thru lane, Daniel asked if he could have a kids meal instead of a milkshake. I guess he worked up an appetite at Kindergarten.

On the way home I asked him what they did today. He said, "We didn't really do much." (pause) "The teacher just talked a lot."

He did make a new friend and reported that someone got in trouble. Not him, of course. And not his friend.

Brenna didn't have as much to say. She had a good day and made some new friends. Mostly she's just glad to be back. So it was great first day of school for the Peapod in its temporary location. Everyone is going back tomorrow willingly and that's a huge thumbs up from me!

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MomBrose said...

I love that last picture too! I can't imagine going to school while it's dark out. And the time hasn't even changed yet.
Glad everyone had a good day! Bring on the househunting!! :)