Monday, September 05, 2011

Three Hundred Ninety-Two Through Four Hundred Eighteen

Hurricane Irene prevented me from posting last week. We lost power early in the storm, but it was restored in a little over four days time. Much better than when Hurricane Isabel went through here and my parents were without power for eleven days! Our house closed two days ahead of Irene, and we learned just how spoiled we'd been living there - with our city water and our gas water heater. Out here in the country on well water, you can't run any water and you have to manually flush the toilets. peeeyuuuuu!

School starts here tomorrow! We are thankful for a wonderful elementary school and fabulous teachers. Now if we could just find a house so we'd actually live in the district....

On to 1000.....

392. no earthquake damage - just a few drawers slid open

393. minimal hurricane damage

394. power back in 4 days, rather than 11

395. flashlights

396. being able to flush toilets

397. running water

398. visiting friends who didn't have power either

399. waving at people driving by - and making them smile
How could you not smile when this kid is waving at your car driving by?

400. pretending super-hero leaping abilities

401. two extra days of summer vacation for Michael, thank you Hurricane Irene

402. Molly, who let us take showers/baths at her house and then gave us lunch and sent us home with a cooler of ice

403. Stephen/Kristin who let us shower/bathe at their house and fixed a yummy hot homemade dinner

404. getting safely to SC - through the rain, the traffic jams, the near miss accidents, and the long hours

405. meeting my new nephew Caleb
 406. sheer joy
Seriously thought his little heart might explode, he was so excited

407. a husband who will do the grocery store run

408. meeting the kids' teachers

409. the school open house felt like a reunion, so fun to see everyone

410. love our elementary school, which totally confirms our decision to move into the district

411. pulling in the driveway

412. kids who travel well

413. filling out beginning of the school year forms (yes, I know that's weird, but I like it.)

414. Carrie wearing her gnome hat playing in the sandbox

415. new school clothes

416. nap time

417. popcorn

418. regaining internet access after the hurricane

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MomBrose said...

Great pictures! Glad you got power back so "quickly." We had no power for four days after Isabel and I thought I was going to lose my mind. Of course, having a 3 month old didn't help.... :)