Monday, July 11, 2011

Two Hundred Seventy Nine Through Two Hundred Ninety Three

When you're late posting gifts one week, Monday sure sneaks up quick. Seems like I just made my list yesterday.

Thank you God for every good and perfect gift you send. And for never changing. Amen. (James. 1:17)

279. the farmers who grow our food

280. good friends who can follow God's lead, knowing that it will take them away from us and bring about change, perhaps even in our friendships

281. picnics

282. watermelon

283. smiles and friendly faces

284. wrestling with tough questions

285. taking Brenna on her first roller coaster ride

286. AC when the temperature is forecast to be 101, with a heat index of 115

287. hydrangeas

288. my friend Christine

289. making pasta from scratch (wish I'd taken pictures. next time...)

290. reading a book on my ipod

291. staying up late and sleeping in

292. having my priorities questioned and my perspective altered

293. driving

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