Saturday, July 09, 2011

Ohio 2011

I love Ohio.

That doesn't surprise anyone, does it? (insert giant smiley face)

We weren't planning a trip north this summer at all, but I hitched a ride with my parents and got to go anyway. Actually, Brenna, Carrie and I all got to ride along, which meant Michael and Daniel had a guys weekend. Daniel had to start his weekend at the doctor's office getting his booster shots for Kindergarten, but after that it was all fun and games from what I hear. They did Busch Gardens, Cars 2, Sweet Frog and more.

The girls went north on Friday and came back on Tuesday. Here are some pictures from our trip - since we had the camera. :)

Dad, Brenna, and Carrie looking for birds out Nana's window

Four Generations: 1. Nana 2. Mom 3. Me 4. Brenna and Carrie

Brenna, when she saw Pap W. She told me that she loves this picture.

Brenna and Grandma W.

Kalf and Carrie up at Randy's. They are probably watching the dog.
Watching fireworks at Aunt Gayle's farm

Dressed for church on Sunday morning
Brenna leaving with my cousins for a girls night
Pancake Palooza at Aunt Tina's house
 Such a fun trip. We got to see almost everyone this time. The weekend flew by and the goodbyes were just as hard as ever. I wish I had taken a few more pictures. 

Special thanks to Aunt Suz for the Dutch Haus creme sticks before we left Grandma's on the last day! Nobody does creme sticks like they do!

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The Three Amigos said...

Hey Jules! How is your uncle Randy?

And, you MUST call me the next time you are at Busch Gardens!