Friday, July 08, 2011


Some books challenge or encourage. Some books hug. Some books thrill and some teach. Some confuse. Some humor.

And some books step on your toes.

Have you read one of those lately? If not, and you think you can handle it, try reading Radical. My sister sent it to me complete with purple underlines of all the most important and thought provoking sentences. A nice touch. :)

Radical isn't a book you can sit down and read straight through. At least I couldn't. It takes some time and some thought. Not because it's wordy or takes a lot of concentration, but rather because you can only take so much truth in one sitting. The subtitle of the book is :

Taking Back Your Faith From The American Dream

Take a deep breath. Yes those two things are very intertwined and it's definitely a toe stompin' book. Primarily because that dream promises comfort and stability. Faith in Jesus doesn't. 

I don't know that every theological t was crossed and every interpretation's i dotted for me, but the point of the book was well made. I've gotten my faith mixed up with my culture and there are some definite places where I need to do some sorting out. Those areas include financial decisions, time, missions, discipleship, and how I help the poor. 

My brain is a little tired and overwhelmed, just having finished reading. I'm looking forward to the discussions that will ensue as Michael gets further into the pages. I would love to read this book again with my small group and discuss how we might apply some of what we've learned as a group. Or how we might become a more effective group. 

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