Monday, July 18, 2011

Two Hundred Ninety Four Through Three Hundred Ten

Another week with no pictures. I think there actually are pictures on the camera, but none are going to make it to the blog tonight. This was a work week for me. Unusual, but totally doable over the summer when Michael can keep the kids all day.

In unrelated news, my knees are aching. Walking into a store tonight, I was looking too hard at the store hours and didn't lift my foot high enough to clear the curb. I went down hard. Tore a huge hole in my best jeans and bloodied up my knees. I'd forgotten how bad a slam and skid on the concrete hurts. I think the kids will get a little more sympathy from mom and a little less "you're alright" the next time they take a fall.

Counting on...

294. gift cards

295. lunch at Maggianos as a family

296. kids who behave so well while we're at a nice restaurant

297. being one of only two families buying school supplies at Target and getting all but one item we need

298. grandparents who take all three kids to the beach for the day

299. four days of work - choosing to look forward to the paycheck

300. meeting my friend Alison's new baby girl

301. Spending an hour or two catching up with Alison while the kids played

302. laughing with Christine

303. calling a bunch of my friends one after the other one night, just to get to talk to everyone

304. being on the same page as my husband

305. Hanover tomatoes on sale for 99cents a lb.

306. homemade spaghetti sauce ready for the freezer

307. having a daughter old enough to help me in the kitchen - today she chopped tomatoes with me

308. The York peppermint patties on Dan's desk at work

309. Brenna's arts camp

310. that Michael's student teacher from last fall, our friend Lauren, got a job for the upcoming school year

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