Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Here Come The Easter Pictures

Easter 2011

The only way we could get Carrie to stay still long enough for a picture was to stand her up behind the other two.

But even then she kept messing with the big kids.

Take a guess as to who's about to get whacked here....

Family Shots
Aunt Becca with the kids

The trouble didn't end when we came inside...

But here's a glimpse into why it happens...

Carrie's new shoes - she couldn't get down off the couch fast enough to try them on.

Pretending to be angels

Carrie's first egg of the easter egg hunt.

Daniel said more than once, "You guys didn't hide these eggs very good."

Brenna was sweet enough to stop looking for a while and help Carrie find some eggs.

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MomBrose said...

Sweet pictures! Can you do me a favor and ask Brenna to STOP looking so grown up?! I don't think i can handle it! That last one of her helping carrie is just about the sweetest thing. :) I love Carrie "whacking" Daniel though too :D haha!