Saturday, April 30, 2011

One Hundred Forty Seven Through One Hundred Fifty Nine

147. a little kitchen helper who washes potatoes

148. seeing a goose and its three babies following behind alongside the road

149. learning about a Biblical view of healthy living and about whole wheat grain mills

150. having a Bible study leader who turns out to be from Hartville, OH and actually knows where my Ohio map dot is.

151. talking to my friend Christine for an hour and forty one minutes - and thinking it felt like thirty.

152. when my brother, Stephen, said my white pants make me look skinny. And now I have a new pair of favorite pants, ha ha ha.

153. That Brenna can hold Carrie on her hip

154. My mother-in-law, Mary Ann, who is willing to stay with Daniel and Carrie on Fridays so I can pick up some extra hours at work.

155. Forgetting my cell phone on Thursday which meant I missed an important call, but also meant I stayed for the full Bible study and learned some really important things. (see #149)

156. safety during severe weather and tornado warnings

157. chick fil a - our frequent refuge during showings

158. hearing my husband's band play for the first time - though they've been together for about a year!

159. That with all the wind and weather we've had, our only property damage has been that our front porch light looks like this again .... But we also know 1. where to buy the replacement 2. which brand and model it is 3. how to fix it rather quickly, which Michael did on Saturday.

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