Friday, July 09, 2010

Summer Worksheets

A couple of weeks ago I was reading Ginger's blog and noticed a section along the side called 'Resources'. I was already familiar with several sites listed, but not the one called 'Worksheets'. I clicked and landed at

As expected, it's full of worksheets you can download and print for your kids. (Or in the case of the math puzzles, for yourself.) They have everything from tracing pages to complicated logic puzzles. The tag line on the front page says, "Hundreds of Worksheets, Millions of Combinations".

In just the few weeks that I've been using this site, both of my kids are hooked. For Daniel, I've been printing off the tracing pages that prepare him for writing letters or numbers. He's also done mazes that require him to follow the alphabet in order or the numbers from 1-25. There are so many options, even within each worksheet.

Brenna really enjoys the math problems. She's done a few standard addition pages, but she really likes the puzzles. She's particularly fond of the Secret Map puzzles, which require her to complete a math sentence and place the answer in a box. The answer is part of clue that reads "Move (north, south, east, west) ____ spaces." If she's gotten all the math problems correct, AND followed the compass directions correctly, she can solve the original question of the worksheet. She also likes Sudoku and Pentominoes (rotating shapes to make a larger shape). Sometimes we work the puzzles together.

The website is still in beta. And at least for now, it's free. There are several areas they are still working on - like geography. However, what they have up and running is fantastic. Did I mention an answer sheet is included, too? (That's a big time saver when I'm checking Brenna's math!) Most of the time you choose how hard you want the worksheet and what the parameters are. The only thing you need is a PDF reader (like Adobe) and a printer.

These worksheets have become one of our summer boredom busters - especially during the hot humid afternoons, when it's too miserable to be outside!

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MomBrose said...

awesome! Thanks for the info!! I'm going to check it out tomorrow after we recover from camping :D