Wednesday, July 07, 2010

A Bold New Look

I spent a few hours tonight redesigning the blog. It's a little like the furniture - every once in a while I need to change it up a bit. Except that moving furniture only takes about 15 minutes. Messing with the blog takes hours. I read every bit of the HTML twice tonight, trying to figure out how to get rid of that blue background I added last year. Turns out, the fix was easier than that. (sigh)

So now we have updated pictures. colors. design. template. and probably HTML. This will last a few months until I can't stand the zebra print any more.

In other news...

We are getting scorched here on the east coast! Over 100 degrees. It's pretty miserable. According to we are about 15 degrees above average. That and no rain. The kids are having trouble falling asleep because the AC can only cool the house so much. Tomorrow's high is 95, but Saturday, sweet Saturday ... just 85 degrees. I'll be at work so it doesn't do me much good, but we'll take the break!

If Brenna wasn't signed up for arts camp at church, I'd be packing up and heading north! Ohio sounds just perfect. I checked out their forecast for next week - mid 80s. And Nana has a pool. Maybe I could just spend the rest of the summer up there....

or not.

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MomBrose said...

I like it!