Monday, July 05, 2010

A Productive Day

When you're waiting on your 7 year old to come home from Ohio, you have to fill your day all the way up. Otherwise the clock slows down. So after a morning of cleaning the kids' rooms and packing a few more boxes, I pulled my sewing machine back out.

I've been making things for Brenna and making things for Carrie...but Daniel? Not so much. I mean what do you make for a little boy?

A new pillowcase! He actually saw this fabric advertised in the JoAnn's flyer and mentioned that he liked the dinosaurs. It was an easy project and I even let him choose the stitch for the edge of the band.

I had about a 1/3 yd. left of the dinosaur fabric after the pillowcase. Just perfect for...

these sweet little cloth baby shoes. I have a friend who recently had twin boys. (same friend I made this blanket for) Though the boys are currently in the NICU getting stronger, these soft shoes should be perfect for this winter. I just need to add the elastic.

I used a pattern I found online, and had tried out first on Carrie. Last week I put together this pair of shoes for her. They fit pretty well, but she crawls out of them fairly easily.

The shoes are an easy afternoon project. Well...easy as long as you aren't learning how to do buttonholes with your new sewing machine. I lost a whole hour on Carrie's shoes just trying figure out that function. I'm getting better, though.

Just glanced at the clock....Brenna should be here in the next 10 minutes! I've successfully filled the day. :)


MomBrose said...

Cute pillowcase and shoes! I love Carrie's!! I need to download that pattern and use it. We still love soft soled shoes for Bailey when she goes outside. They are so easy for her to put on and take off.

Jennifer said...

Love the pillowcase! So cute! I am quite envious of your talent, Julie! :)

Anonymous said...

It was so much fun to have Brenna here for the weekend. She should have lots of stories of fun times with family. We all love and enjoy Brenna so very much. Thank you for giving her the opportunity to come to Ohio.