Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Blanket Finish

I finished this blanket last week. It was for a friend who has waited a long time to be blessed with a child of her own. Turns out God decided to give her two at once. She and her husband were part of our small group for a long time and we miss them. Sunday we threw her a beautiful shower with tons of flowers, ribbons, and candles. Then we made her laugh so hard we feared sending her into preterm labor. It was a truly special night, and I can hardly believe I didn't take a single picture.

(For those who are interested...the fabric colors were put together in a kit that I got at JoAnn's. Cutting and sewing instructions were included. The back is done in the same flannel as the light blue squares. I hand quilted around the brown sashing - both inside and out.)


MomBrose said...

It's beautiful! Did you make two?? :D

Peapod Four said...

No, I only had time to make one...so I wrote in her card that I was helping her teach the boys to share early. :)

Ginger said...

Oh My!!! Hello Proverbs 31 woman! That cake and blanket are amazing! You are so talented girl - way to go!