Tuesday, June 08, 2010

To The Zoo Again

Last weekend we had family visiting from Ohio for a day and a half. They were on their way to the beach. I took Saturday off work and our family joined their family, my parents, and my brother/sister-in-law for a trip to the local zoo. My kids were really excited because they had just been there a month ago with Brenna's class. They couldn't wait to show the animals to Grandma and Papa. After a picnic lunch, two or three trips back to the car, and a restroom break we began our walk through the zoo.

Check out the bill on this guy!

Daniel figuring out the map

My parents

The Prairie Dog exhibit had lots of babies! And they were so cute!

The girls

This gorilla seemed to enjoy the tire swing

It. Was. Hot. Like 96 degrees hot. I'd forgotten to refrigerate the water bottles overnight, so all I had to offer everyone was luke warm water. Luckily there was a nice breeze blowing.

Did I mention it was hot?

And isn't she cute?

Uncle Stephen spoiled Daniel by carrying him some when his legs got tired. That was especially nice since it was so hot. (I think Stephen might need a copy of this picture.)

Would love to know what these two were talking about....

Brenna could hardly wait to feed the birds. She had wanted to when she came with her class, but the cage was just too crowded that day. Plus I didn't have enough money for all the kids with me to do this. I'm pretty sure this was the highlight of her day. (Thanks Papa, for the quarters)

At our zoo, you can also feed the giraffes.

We had a great time and cooled off afterwards with icees from Rita's. They were having a mini-carnival in their parking lot and Daniel got to check out a Sheriff's car. He even turned on the siren. With permission. (And yes, I feel it's necessary to say that.)

Back at Mom and Dad's we finished the day with a cookout and the wii. So much fun and I'm pretty sure they'll come back and visit again. :)

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MomBrose said...

You're on a blogging roll lately! I love it!
Those are great pictures!! But...where was Carrie?? :D