Tuesday, July 13, 2010

While Brenna's At Arts Camp....

we're having fun! Michael and Daniel returned a dud of a caterpillar sprinkler to Target and came home with a new Slip n Slide! It's so muggy out that you have to be playing in water if you're going to be outside.

Wish I had a picture of Michael on the Slip n Slide...but I only have video. And it's too big to load to blogger.


Meanwhile, I spent the day inside working on a gift for Brenna's friend Brooke. Her birthday party is Friday night and since it's a slumber party, we thought a pillowcase-nightgown would be just right. Brenna insisted that Brooke really likes black (and pink) so I bought the pillowcase and we sorted through my fabric stash for fun matching prints. The patterns actually call this a pillowcase dress. But when I first tried it out on Brenna, we thought it looked more like a nightgown. So Brenna sleeps in hers and says it's the most comfortable pjs she owns. Brooke's could probably go either way.

I think this might be our go-to gift for girl birthday parties this year. I've got a few ideas that might make the process a tad faster. (Like maybe NOT putting the child's name on there!) I got the pillowcase in a pack of two at Ross for $7. I also used about 14 inches of elastic, half of a fat quarter (or less) for the letters, and a small amount of heat-n-bond. Total cost? Well under $5.


Anonymous said...

Look Awesome!


MomBrose said...

That is SO cute!!