Monday, June 28, 2010

Locks of Love

Two whole years! The last time Brenna got her hair cut was just before Kindergarten.

Tonight, we went to Miss Janet's and cut off 10 whole inches to send to Locks of Love. Here are the before pictures...

(I guess the sun caused the funny red color - but it looks we kool-aid dyed it!)
Sitting at Miss Janet's waiting.

So excited she could hardly sit still while Miss Janet tracked down her tape measure.

The official measurement.... we needed 10 inches.

The big cut...

And the tail...

This picture is kind of neat because somewhere I have one of Brenna and Miss Janet just after Brenna's very first haircut. I should take one of these every couple of years.

This is my favorite picture - showing the final result.

After the cut, Brenna and I went to dinner at McAlister's. Yum!! And then we spent an hour in JoAnn's. No better way to spend a hot stormy night!

I told Michael, though, spending one on one time with Brenna is like being in some kind of never ending general knowledge exam. She has all kinds of observations and questions. Such as...

"Hey Mom, if you lived back when Stephen A. Douglass and Abraham Lincoln had their fight over slavery, who would you have voted for?"


"Mom, Do you think Tad Lincoln liked to draw?"


"Mom. Maybe someone will give me a JoAnn's card for my birthday and I can buy some of this gold ribbon and this silver ribbon. I want to make a belt. Where can we get a buckle?"


"Mom, when you make my prom dress...." WHOA, WHOA, WHOA,.... When I what??? No way!! First of all somebody has a lot more confidence in my sewing skills than I do. And second, are you kidding me? I am not making your prom dress! And who said anything about you even going to prom??!! Nine years girl. Nine years at minimum. Don't push it.

Ten minutes later she was picking out the satin and shimmery fabrics she wanted her pink prom dress made out of.

All the way home we discussed trademarks and copyrights. And chickens. (We passed a Tyson truck - with live chickens.)

We arrived home from our girls night to find the baby girl waiting for us on the front porch. Such a sweet night. :)


MomBrose said...

AW! Love those pictures!! She looks so cute!! I was just writing my "locks of love" post too!! :)
And seriously...prom??! I don't think so! :) Reagan looked at all the sparkly dress fabrics at joanns and said she wanted a blanket made out of them. I'm hoping to keep the word "prom" out of her vocabulary for at least a few more years :D
Tell Brenna we are so proud of her donating her hair! What a sweet girl!

Ginger said...

Hoooray for short Summer haircuts and no more tangles!!!! Your date with Brenna to Joann's sounds like mine (and Nessy's) kind of date. And I can totally relate to the 20 (more like a million) questions... oh dear. I think I've learned more having children and having to explain things to them than I ever retained from my schooling years. :)

Anonymous said...

I love your hair cut Brenna. I am so proud of you for donating your hair to Locks of Love. That was really special.

Hey, I see you have a butterfly shirt too. Ashley and I both have butterfly t-shirts. We should all wear them on the same day. :)

I love you!
Aunt Suz