Monday, June 28, 2010

End Of June Update

Well, it seems we've been a bit preoccupied here at the Peapod and the blog is taking a hit. No promises that things will get better, especially since Michael bought me Tetris for the Wii for my birthday. Addicted. Severely. Probably because I win 90% of the time. Gotta play the computer or compete against myself. At least until I get Daniel up to speed. He's pretty good for a four year old - reaching Level 5 with the beginners big shapes.

And speaking of being 4, life is so much better. I don't know what it is at this house, but something changes dramatically on a kid's fourth birthday. Either they grow up or we parents are given an extra measure of patience and tolerance. Whichever it is - I'm good with it!
So school ended, and Daniel went to Backyard Camp, which totally rocked! It's basically three high school girls who put together a preschool camp. Daniel attended for one week in the mornings from 9-12. They did all kinds of crafts and games, and had ice pops every day. He made a friend named Leo and genuinely got excited about going every single day. At the end of the week, the girls gave us a CD with pictures set to music. I was so impressed!

Then on Saturday, after work I got a call from my Mom who was on her way to the ER. My brother had had an accident with a log splitter. From what I gather, he got his hand slammed (twice?) between the wood and the metal. So he spent 5 hours in surgery getting his middle finger put back on, which meant taking blood vessel and nail grafts from other parts of his hand. Afterward, the surgeon put him in a recovery room that they kept at 80 degrees to facilitate blood flow. It was miserable.

As of this weekend, he's doing much better. The main cast is off and he's started physical therapy. I heard he was planning to go back to work today as well.

Let's see...we've been watching a whole lot of soccer lately. With the US out, I think we are now all Brazil.

And I've been working on a twirly skirt for Brenna that is almost done. I don't have any pictures yet, but I'm sure we'll take some tomorrow. I just have the elastic and bottom hem to finish. It's been way too hot for much of anything outdoors (over 100 degrees), so I've got plenty of time to sew.

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