Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

Palm Sunday at the river. After church, we picked up Michael's brother Robert and headed out to Pop and Pemmy's house. After lunch, everyone gathered 'round the table to color Easter eggs. Even Pop turned his fingers orange dying eggs.

After you color Easter eggs, you absolutely have to hide them! So Uncle Robert and Michael took 20 real eggs plus 23 chocolate filled plastic ones outside. I kept the super excited kiddos inside and away from the windows. (Not so easily done, I might add.) Here they are with their buckets on their heads.

Storms were brewing on the horizon, but the rain was holding off. The kids found 42 of the 43 eggs. A plastic one is still missing. We think the ground hog got it. ;-)

When we gave up on the last egg, Brenna and Daniel took a turn hiding the eggs for Uncle Robert and Michael to find. You should've seen those boys come tearing down the steps! You would have thought their was gold to be found!

The final count still only came in at 42.

After the hunt, we had cake and ice cream. Time goes so fast when we visit Pop and Pemmy.

Later that night the storms did roll in. We had some hard rain and quite a bit of thunder. Daniel is still scared of "bunder", so I wasn't surprised to hear his door open shortly after the first clap. I wasn't prepared, though, for him to launch himself full force into my bed! He rolled into this ball-like fetal position under the covers and shivered up against me. Every time I'd get him to stop shaking another round of lightening and thunder would pass through. Finally the storm seemed to be moving on and Michael insisted he go back to bed. It almost worked...but then more thunder sounded. So we fixed Daniel a little bed on the floor beside me and he slept there all night.

The next morning, I asked Brenna if she heard the storm.
"What storm?", she asked.
That girl can sleep through anything!

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MomBrose said...

Sounds like our first two. Reagan sleeps through everything. Skylar starts shaking if you SAY the word thunder. :D
Those steps are so pretty!! :)