Saturday, April 10, 2010

Easter 2010

Easter pics. Better late than never, I tell ya. Our laptop and desktop computers quit talking to each other last week. Don't know what was up with that, but they've apparently reconciled. So I can sit here on the couch and upload pictures.... at least until Carrie wakes up for her evening bottle. This is my favorite picture of Daniel. He wasn't feeling well - as you'll see. He took a little trip to the doctor Monday morning and got a second, stronger dose of antibiotics as well as some other things to help clear up his allergies. Somehow, someway he's gonna kick this ear infection.

Brenna and Carrie in their similar Easter dresses

This is the first of the amusing shots we got. Daniel is mid-cough...but it looks like he's about to puke! That and Brenna's trying to hide her teeth while Carrie's bird watching.

With a little effort we got a few nice ones...

And then....mid-sneeze!

And....mid cough?? Mid holla?? Mid opera?? Are you starting to feel sorry for him, yet? Did I mention the fever? And I wonder what Carrie's praying for? Healing? Deliverance?

Brenna took this sweet picture

Family shot after church. We try to take this picture every year.

After lunch, naps, and Grandma's Easter baskets, the kids went out looking for eggs. Once they'd collected their loot, they re-hid the eggs for Uncle Stephen and Aunt Kristin to find. Papa put the race car swing back up for Carrie and she tried it out for the first time that afternoon. Do you think she likes it?

It's been almost a week now and Daniel's still on the mend. Thankfully his ears don't hurt him when they are infected. He just can't hear, so he says, "What?" fifty zillion times a day. But he is getting better.

I think.


Jennifer said...

Hilarious pictures Julie!!!

MomBrose said...

oh my word! The "praying carrie" one is my favorite!!! Poor little guy! Skylar had one we couldn't kick for a while so I put her on a VERY strong probiotic (and it was a little pricey but well worth it!) and it finally went away. Praise God!! :) Brenna is looking SO grown up. Can you tell her to stop it please?? She's so beautiful...

Anonymous said...

For me... Daniel looks a lot like Larry's toddler pictures.

Easter pictures are always fun to view with everyone in their Easter best.

Praying for Daniel to be feeling better soon.


Shannon said...

I was cracking up at the picture of Carrie praying. Sean used to pose like that when he was pooping in the corner. HA! You have a beautiful family :)