Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Race Day

Last Saturday, Brenna ran the First Market Kids Mile downtown. She was one of more than 2000 kids who ran. And since 37,000 people signed up to run the 10k, we had to leave the house early in order to be sure we'd find a place to park!

My alarm went off at 5:30 am. On a Saturday morning, no less. I had to be dressed for work so I could leave directly from the race. Somehow we all made it out the door in plenty of time.
But it was cold! 34 degrees cold!

Here we are in the parking garage. Daniel (above) was doing great until he decided he needed to go to the bathroom. I think he watered someone's plants on a back alley. Not long after that he pretty much decided he'd had enough and just wanted to go home. He cried and cried. Luckily Aunt Becca was there to hold him a while.

Carrie and I were glued together by the Snugli, which seemed like a good idea at first. Once she started screaming, though, I started second guessing that decision. I think she was just really cold. At one point I turned her around to face me and she fell asleep for a while, which was really helpful.

Here are Brenna and Michael before the race. Michael ran with Brenna, then returned to the start to run the 10k.

We were prepared to cheer like crazy when they passed by....unfortunately they were on the other side of the street. Even with my dad, mom, Daniel, Rebecca, Stephen, Kristin, and I all yelling, they didn't hear us.

After the race, we all met up to congratulate Brenna. Rebecca, Michael, Dad, Stephen and Kristin returned to the starting line for the 10k. Mom took the kids back to her house to warm up. And I headed off to work.

Brenna informed me last night that she "hasn't decided yet". About what? "Whether I want to run that race again next year or not."

I think she will.


MomBrose said...

Good for her! Go Brenna!

Anonymous said...

Look at our blistering pace!