Thursday, September 17, 2009

Laying Low For A While

My Babycenter newsletter arrived yesterday via email announcing that Carrie is now three weeks old.

Really? That's it? Seems like she's been here for months!

I love the week by week descriptions of growth and milestones that they give. This week, though, I was much encouraged to read the following quotes:

From Dr. Samantha Maplethorpe, Issaquah, Washington

Your most important job during your baby's first month is to adjust to her. Limit unnecessary tasks, including overdoing housework. Social outings can be fun, but don't make plans that will cause you or your baby any unnecessary stress.

I don't mind being a hermit one bit. I've never been one to get cabin-fever, even during big snow storms. Sometimes I'll be getting ready to leave the house and realize it's been four - five - six - days since I've been anywhere. I'm just a homebody, I guess, so it's nice to shake off all the obligations for a while and just get used to Carrie. The nursing cycle is fairly frequent (every three hours) so it's good to recognize that not much is going to be accomplished outside of baby care. Laundry washed and dried...but not folded. Ok - that's normal around here... but not much more than basic maintenance is being done.

And that's ok!

From Dr. Leslie Gavin, Orlando, Florida

As a new parent..., it can be difficult..., especially when you're breastfeeding. Sleep deprivation can be emotionally and physically devastating.

Really? ha ha

Carrie actually sleeps pretty well at night so far. I'm only up one time a night most nights and sometimes that's not until the early in 5AM. (But there are nights when she's up every three or four hours.) Still, I'm a 9-10 hour sleeper, so dropping to half that isn't easy. Although the initial waking-up-in-the-middle-of-the-night process is a struggle, I think it's nice how quickly I'm wide awake and able to function. I can even read or do logic puzzles while I'm nursing. Then when Carrie's back down, I can just as easily fall back to sleep.

The first two months or so of adjustment are so important. I know better than to make plans. We take it day by day and go out only when necessary. It suits me well. I like our routine and the predictability.

It's definitely better than being 38 weeks pregnant!


MomBrose said...

I agree! I much prefer a baby in my arms than in my belly. :) I always try to remember that the first three months are the fourth trimester. Dr. Meyer gave me that bit of advice and I love it!!
Can't wait to see more pictures. And since she's a girl, I need to get that outfit in the mail that I told you about! :D

Ginger@chirgies said...

Some great advice I heard was to stay in your jammies all day... then if someone visits, they'll get the hint that they don't need to stay too long. If you're dressed, they'll think everything is normal. :)

You'd fit in great here at the ranch...we don't get out much either. :) I was laughing out loud at your last post - that was hilarious!

I saw these two things in a current catalog and thought of you.

Enjoy your sweet baby girl!