Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Genuine Look At Thirty Eight Weeks

Julie's Complaints
(If you don't want to hear them, don't read any further.)

I think my legs are going to detach from my hips, if they haven't already. I'm pretty sure they are at least popping in and out of socket. It's an amusing mental picture, but too near reality for me to laugh. Seriously, my legs don't always hold weight these days. They give way at the top like they're made of gelatin.

My body has more nerves than I ever knew and every one of them can be pinched. Those in my hip and back have semi-permanent clamps. Tylenol doesn't fix this. I walk like I'm 90. Gingerly.

A walker might be useful. Hadn't considered that.

Since this is baby number 3, one and two already left their marks. There's not a whole lot of space left for new stretches, so this one started kicking out veins. Gives the stomach a more colorful appearance, I guess.

And speaking of the stomach - the baby pretty well fills it up. I've got a nicely rounded pregnant tummy, at least at the top. But then there's this droopy extra inch or so at the bottom that doesn't ever fill out. Leftovers, I guess. A reminder of those who have come before.

I gave up trying to predict the swelling in my fingers. It's not a lot, but it's enough. I didn't want to risk having my rings cut off, so they lie safely in their original box. My hand feels naked without them. I'm probably the only one who notices or cares, but it bothers me. Two nights ago my ankles decided to join the party. Now I match, hands and feet.

I don't necessarily have cravings, but I do seem to be hungry a lot. I don't eat much at one time, but rather several times during the day. And then I'm reminded of it all night long. Heart burn plus. It starts below the sternum and sizzles all the way up till I think it's burning holes in my esophagus. Then it settles for a few minutes before starting over. Tums helps. I only use the 'smoothie' variety. I'm picky about my Tums. Still, on the more intense nights, the 'burn' just becomes more like chalky trapped air bubbles.

And sleep. Precious sleep. On the one hand you want to rest now, because you know you'll be up often once the baby arrives. On the other hand, whoever said you should rest now, has no idea what kind of feat that would be. Bathroom breaks every two hours all night long, whether you want to or not. Hips that fall asleep. Mattress coils that suck the body down and hold it hostage. All added to heartburn and wild, very real dreams. No. No getting rest now. Just survival.

To top it all off there's the emotional ride. Up and down in the blink of an eye. Just last Saturday I came home from work feeling fine. But I hit the curb while parking the car and was an instant basket case. I was tired. My body releases tension in tears. It wasn't pretty. It usually isn't. And that definitely was not an isolated event. It comes with the hormones, intensifying with the third trimester.

And people wonder why pregnant women get so impatient at the end of the journey. Yes, there's more work to come. Different pains. New sleep cycles. Much healing and a whole lot more emotion. But an end to what you've come to know is so welcome, that you figure what's up ahead has to be better than this.

Plus, someone else can hold the baby for a while. Won't that be nice!!

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MomBrose said...

Oh Julie! I remember all of those all too vividly (which is probably why Brian got fixed so soon after Bailey was born!) :D
I'm praying for a SOON COMING baby! and a relief to your misery! :D