Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Morning Scramble

It's a cold, rainy morning. Perfect for snuggling up on the couch with the laptop. My blog routine has suffered greatly over the last few months. Between being pregnant-sick and being pregnant-tired, I haven't had the energy to write. Not to mention, if you don't go anywhere or do anything, there isn't much to write about.

This morning, however, started off a little crazy. I woke up abruptly to Michael's very urgent, "Julie! I need your help!" I immediately wondered who had thrown up. Luckily it wasn't that bad. "It's 7:10 and I just woke up." he said as he left the room to get Brenna out of bed. I scrambled to get dressed and hurried downstairs. Brenna dressed in record time - which proves she can move faster than a snail in the morning. In the kitchen I threw frozen waffles in the toaster oven and fixed her sandwich. In no time she had her shoes on and her hair brushed. When Michael got downstairs she was completely ready to walk out the door - coat, backpack, and all. I put her waffles in a bowl and poured juice in a take-a-long cup. The tv clock read 7:15. Did I mention it was raining? Michael grabbed his coat, sighed, and said, "Come on". Out the door they went - in less than ten minutes flat. (house clocks aren't all in sync) I wouldn't want to start every day like that, but it's nice to know it can be done.

As I closed the front door behind them, I heard a noise upstairs. So much for going back to bed. Daniel was up. He knows better than to leave his room, but he's taken to making sure I know he's awake by opening and closing his door.

And so the day began.


gail said...

its amazing how fast you can go when you have to! we've had mornings like that, and i never get to go back to bed either =(

i'm just getting around to visiting my fav blogs now that my bloggy break is over.

Ginger@chirgies said...

Hi there, I just found you from Katherine @ Raising Five's blog.

Your post is AMAZING! As I was reading, I kept thinking, this could be me! We just went through the throw up scene in our house. And YES, they do move like snails in the morning, don't they?