Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fessin' Up

There's nothing like a good prank that goes just a little further than you imagined. And better than you thought....

It wasn't long after Stephen and Kristin left on their honeymoon, that I remembered I have a key to their house. And opportunity knocked.

I knew my parents and Kristin's parents were going to spend Saturday prepping the house to be a home. I also knew they'd never go along with my plans. So I waited till Sunday, when the hard work had all been done. We picnicked on their kitchen floor so as not to mess up the beautifully set table. Then we put the kids in front of the tv and got busy.

Green food coloring for the milk - and a notice that the leprechauns had been there.

Stuff in the freezer that didn't belong there - like salt and pepper. Or paper towels.
Neatly toilet papered window coverings. (It was raining outside or this would've been on their front bushes.)Not so neatly toilet papered back door, where they usually enter, I think. I also did the laundry room on my way out. I had to duck under it and shimmy through the doorway to get out.

We also left notes around the house for them to find. One in the spoon drawer said, "Guess which spoon I licked!" One in the upstairs bathroom was an apology for dropping a toothbrush in the toilet. The kicker was the one that read:

Mouse Trap
1. Do it in the living room
2. Call your mom and tell her you did it in the living room
3. When I get a call from your mom, I'll tell you where I hid your computer mouse.

(They don't have their mouse back yet.)

Here's what they saw when they drove up Monday morning. It was probably about the time they spotted the signs, that Stephen remembered I had a key to his house.

All of that was fun, but the prank that went beyond my expectations was a last minute addition. See that empty box of condoms hanging from the bedroom light fixture? It's contents are hidden everywhere. I mean all over the place. Some in plain sight, others not so much...

That dresser...there on the left...in the top drawer, the only drawer I opened, I found Stephen's work badge. As luck would have it you can easily unsnap the plastic cover and slip a condom down in behind his card. So I did. Then I put it back in the drawer and hid the rest of them.

About 11:50 this morning I got a call from Stephen. He was at work. With his badge. He'd just sat down with a co-worker when his badge flipped over. She saw it, and thankfully, he was still laughing when he called me. I never imagined it would make it out of the house that way! Much less past the security guard! Or all the way through the morning!

He's probably paranoid now, but I wonder how long it will take them to find all the rest....


The Three Amigos said...

Julie, this is why I love you! You have the best sense of humor!

Rachel said...

How funny! Glad you don't live near me. My husband would so have gotten the mouse back by now. He's ornery like that.

TurtlesButterfly said...

Pretty sure Dave would have gotten the mouse back too...he'd get a kick out of calling my mom and harassing her like that. True or not! You did a fabulous job!!