Thursday, March 26, 2009

All The Things I Could've Blogged About Over The Past Week

After seeing the Chick Fil A song by Tim Hawkins, I went searching for more of his material. While there were a few videos on YouTube, I hit the jackpot on his website. He has a great selection of clips there and they're easy to access. I definitely watched them all! If you have time, read the Hear Ye too. If ever I were to homeschool, it would be for that reason too!


Last Friday, the kindergartners at Brenna's school held a Spring Hat Parade. Each child made their own hat - at home - and brought them to school for the big show. Themes varied widely, from Spring related to Spongebob to Legos. Here's a picture of the one Brenna created. The only thing I helped her with was the glue. She came up with the idea and created it without any input from Michael or I.

We've colored Easter eggs already! Last Sunday we did them with Michael's mom and step-dad.

Jim and Daniel - checking out their loot. (For the record, I am not the one responsible for dressing Daniel like that. He had jeans on when I dressed him. : )

Last Saturday Daniel managed to have another lip busting event. I think this is number 3, but I may be forgetting a time or two. I've been expecting this one, but it didn't happen quite like I thought it would. He is forever doing seat drops on our bed. Not in the middle - but rather near the edge or up against the head board/foot board. He gets in trouble, but the memory only lasts about twenty minutes and he's at it again. I've been expecting a injury for some time now. This one did come from the foot board, but not quite that way.

I was at work and Michael was fixing the pipes under our bathroom sink. Daniel and Brenna were on our bed watching tv. Or so Michael thought. Daniel lost interest in the show and began to play under the blankets. At some point, in all of his exuberance, he crawled full force toward the end of the bed and slammed his upper lip into the wood. The lip shoved upward and jammed his nose. Blood went everywhere.

As he screamed, Michael came out from under the sink - hands covered in black gunk. After washing up as quickly as possible, he began attempting to assess the damage done to Daniel's lip. It was swelling, but all the teeth appeared ok. After twenty minutes of ice and cloths, they still couldn't stop the bleeding from his nose. That's when they called me at work. Over the next five or ten minutes, everything settled down. He needed Tylenol to help with the pain, and his words came out funny through the swollen lip, but he didn't need stitches. Or if he did, he didn't get any. Most of the injury was inside his mouth, so we don't have dramatic pictures this time around.

But it hasn't taken me long to figure out that he's a lot less cautious than his big sister....I'm sure this won't be the last busted lip.


michael said...

For the record, I didn't scream.


The Three Amigos said...

That's a boy for ya!