Monday, August 25, 2008

President Who?

It's a good thing Brenna doesn't read the blog yet. I'd be in trouble for telling another story. Her one complaint about her recent trip to Ohio was that everyone kept telling stories about her and it made her "nervous". (I think she meant embarrassed.) I'm sure this one has had many a retelling over the last few days.

I packed a backpack full of activities to keep her busy during the 8 hour trip north. She doesn't mind traveling, but I wanted to make sure she had some things to do. It was a vain attempt to limit the "Hey, Papa?"s. I don't think it worked.

One thing I included was a set of US Presidents cards. They were mine long ago, so a few are missing and the more recent ones aren't in the set. Brenna got them out and my dad started calling out presidents for her to find. All was going well, until he asked for one she couldn't find. It was getting dark outside and she was having some trouble seeing.

He said, "Did you find it yet?"

She answered, "No. But I found Useless."


Christian Jugglers' Association said...

That's great. When I was teaching children's church yesterday, I asked the kids what they would send their friends if they wanted those friends to come to a birthday party. One little girl chimed in, "an imitation!" I love working with kids.

By the way, thanks for the "imitation" to your sing-a-long the other night. I hope it went well. Sorry we didn't make it. It would be great to see if we could get together again soon - for some cookies, games and music of course.

Furthermore, I saw Sue Weber up in Ohio. I'm sure she told you. It was nice seeing her too. Talk to you guys later!


BrendaF said...

Hmmm...I'm sure more than a few presidents have been called "Useless". Your children are a wonder--and, their mom is a wonder, too! I love being able to see what you're all up to with your posts! Special times these are!
"Anut" Brenda
P.S. I had forgotten that. Thanks for reminding me!!

Anonymous said...

Today was the first day of school.
My kindergarteners, not familiar, of course with the morning routine, heard a lady come on the PA system and announce "Good Morning. To all the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders, welcome back! To all the new kindergarteners, welcome to Crestview Elementary!"

To which one of my little girls replied " Is that the President of the United States speaking?" LOL

Seems we all have the "president" on our mind these days.


Reed, Toni and Anna... Our life said...

:D Anna recently thought that Gilbert Gottfried was Senator Obama. She's obviously been seeing him on TV and thought he was the same guy that was on Hannah Montana... "You know mom, the one with Uncle Earl" which happens to feature Gilber Gottfried as a music critic. Oh, how I laughed and laughed!