Friday, August 22, 2008

Shopping In The Ruffles Section

Yesterday I had a hair appointment on the other side of town at 3. I also had Bible study on that side of town at 7. Gas prices being what they are, I decided to stay over there, rather than coming home for dinner. I figured I could run some errands and then have dinner at Panera.

By 6 I was bored. I'd already gone to Target, Kohls, Steinmart, Old Navy, and Ross. Apparently shopping goes much faster when I'm alone. In Kohls I tried on the cutest shirt, but it made me look four months pregnant. A cute four months pregnant, but pregnant nonetheless. I've no desire to start any rumors, so I put it back. I love the shirts with the high banded waist, but they just weren't designed for me.

In Target I needed tape, hairspray, and press n seal. I didn't buy anything. I walked the whole perimeter of the store, too, just in case I'd forgotten something else I "needed". But when they didn't have the kind of hairspray I buy, I put the tape back and left. I'm not sure there are many days I've walked out of Target empty handed!

In Steinmart I was overwhelmed. What on earth is up with ruffles on women's clothing??? I think it looks so goofy! Steinmart, Kohls and Ross had women's tailored dress shirts with these big old ruffles down the front. All I can think when I see them is colonial American men and English judges. Other than that, I like what Steinmart had, it was just too dressy for what I need.

(Here's one example from Kohls - This one is fairly tame compared to many others.)

Old Navy was Old Navy. I don't think I've ever bought clothes for me in there, but I like to think I might some day.

At this point it was only 5:30. So I called Michael to see what he and Daniel were having for dinner. Then I headed on to Panera. I thought about staying there and eating alone, but decided instead to head to Bible study at my friend Suzanne's house an hour early. She graciously let me crash there while they did their last minute clean ups for company.

I thought having a few hours to myself would be good. Clearly, though, if that happens again, I'll find another way to spend it. No matter how I try, shopping for clothes is just not my thing.


Mary said...

I always say that I suck at being a girl. I hate to shop. I look at it as punishment. My mother has the shopping gene but she certainly didn't pass it on to me. Now Panera? That I can do.

gail said...

isn't it funny when we have the time to shop alone it just doesn't measure up? i've seen some things with ruffles, but i didn't know it was on everything. sounds like overkill. and i can never leave target without buying something!

we are going sofa and mattress shopping this weekend--fun, fun! (NOT) but it has to be done.

have a great weekend! gail

BrendaF said...

Shopping alone DOES require much less time than shopping in a It doesn't matter the ages of the "group". It just matters that you are not shopping alone. Also, those "high banded waists" are called "empire". (If you watch "What NOT to Wear", they pronounce it--"OM-peer". Crazy, I tell ya!"
"Anut" Brenda