Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Not Yet

We must be the last area of the country to start school. I used to think that everybody started school the day after Labor Day, but I've noticed that's no longer the case. The new trend seems to be to start the week before Labor Day.

We here in Virginia, though, are tied to the Kings Dominion law. So while the rest of the country is off and running, we're still arriving at the track. There are no waivers for our county. We rarely have bad weather and other than laptops for every student, we're not pushing the envelope of experimentation.

Though we're squeezing one more week out of the summer of 2008, we'll definitely be the last ones to start the summer of 09. Several weeks after SOL testing. Weeks of a much lighter load - or more honestly, not really doing much.

All because the entertainment and tourism industry managed to trump logic in education.

And so we wait.....


Anonymous said...

Started school on Monday; however, Randy's girls will not go back until Sept. 3.


KarenW said...

My nieces started August 7th in Alabama. That's a bit too early for me! Didn't it used to be a state wide law that schools had to start the day after Labor Day?

Mary said...

We started Aug 11 which is the earliest yet. When I was in school we never started until after Labor Day. My son hates the August heat as much as I do though and is just as happy to be in school though because he says it's too hot to be outside.