Monday, July 14, 2008

I Love These Kinds Of Stories

My friend, Belinda, has friends who are leaving soon for Papua New Guinea. They're going as missionaries and could be gone for several years. They've spent this past year or so in Texas preparing for the way of life they are embracing. (Not because Texas is like Papua New Guinea - the training facility/courses are there.) They have whittled their possessions down to almost nothing. They live without electricity and sleep on thin mats. Sally has home schooled the children and even enrolled them in a water survival class.

Sally and Derek have spent the past few years raising the financial support necessary for this adventure. They are nearing their goal and expect to be able to leave within the next month or so. Belinda and Sally have been friends for many years, and along with two other women, made plans to meet in Orlando, Florida for one last girls weekend before Sally leaves the country. The friends split the cost of Sally's airfare and accommodations. Knowing this weekend would be emotional for them, Belinda's mom sent along a card for the girls to read once they were all together in Orlando.

The first night, as Sally called home, the girls discussed how to best cover her costs without making every meal and shopping trip an awkward event. They settled on the idea that each of them would give her a certain amount of cash, and that would be her spending money for the weekend. One suggested $40 and the others agreed - each of the three of them would chip in $40.

As Sally hung up the phone, Belinda remembered the card her mom had sent. They gathered around to read it, knowing it would emotional. It did not disappoint. In addition to the letter, her mom had tucked some money into the envelope. Belinda says they just stared in awe at the amount.

$120. The exact total they had just agreed to give Sally.


Mary said...

That gave me goosebumps. God is SO good!

gail said...

isn't God good?!!! i love those kind of stories too. i'm glad you shared it with us.