Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Oh, I'm Gloating...Thank You Kansas!

NCAAB Tourney Pick 'em '08:

Let me just point out a few things. (ahem) Take a look at who is in FIRST place this year. Oh Yeah! Notice that 'totally-guessing' outdid everybody else! Oh yes she did. (Thank you Kansas!)

And, you might note, that Brenna is not last. Not last. This is her first year to finish above last place. (Her picks are usually based on whether she can pronounce the name of the school and whether or not it's name is related to something important to her. For example, she picked St. Mary's because she was born at a St. Mary's hospital.) How ANYBODY landed lower than her is really quite amazing.

Leaves me wondering....Did you pull your picks out of a hat, Randy? ; )

Group Standings (Top 10)

Correct Picks
Possible Pts
1 totally-guessing Julie 135 44 of 63 135
2 jr Jonathan R 96 42 of 63 96
3 mp * michael 86 37 of 63 86
4 VTGotShafted stephen 68 34 of 63 68
5 bjpicks brenna 56 28 of 63 56
6 Randy's Picks randy 36 29 of 63 36

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Anonymous said...

I faithfully watched the games and did very well with selecting the winner. I should take the time to see just how many I got right.

I picked Kansas early to win the whole thing. I answered a question online for our local paper. It asked, Who do you think will win the NCAA Tournament.. UCLA, North Carolina, Memphis and Kansas? I picked Kansas. The vote percentage came up for Kansas being so far behind the others to win. I remember thinking "HA HA I will be laughing at you when Kansas wins it all!"

My only disappointment was that Weber State did not make it far into the Tournament; HOWEVER, They did accomplish a biggy.... 14 years in a row making it to the tournament. :)